The below document is the Offering Memorandum, which includes The Rescission
Agreement (pgs. 7-12 & pgs. 23-27). The Rescission Agreement is a legal requirement that extends specific pre-
determined rights to previous shareholders based on previous investments and does not apply to any new shares
or their’ respective investors. If you are a previous investor, Coin and Card has contacted you prior to this Reg CF –
both by email and voicemail regarding your rights. Additionally, the form below, if filled out 21 days within the start
date (_Insert Date_) of this Reg CF, will start the process of executing the aforementioned rights, as expressed in
the Rescission Agreement as it is included as part of the Offering Memorandum. A Coin and Card representative
will contact you to gather remaining information and to finish this process. If you are not a previous investor and
are looking to become an investor – or if you’re a previous investor interested in inves’ng further, please find
the Offering Webpage by clicking here: 

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